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35 plus years experience
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Website Hosting and Development Services

  • We offer world class quality hosting services to individuals and businesses. Our hosting packages are fast and reliable. Suitable for personal and small to medium businesses. We support you with the latest Windows Server technologies along with many optional features such as Client Editor, Customer Accounts, Shopping Carts, Email Advertising, Analytics, SEO and more.

Domain Name Registrations, Transfers and Renewals

  • .com and .net domains only $20 per year. Free contact privacy (most domains/TLDs). Free easy-to-use domain manager. Select from a large inventory of premium names. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit card accepted. Free easy to use DNS (Domain Name System) Servers powered by Tucows.

Software Development and Integration

  • We can handle projects from helping you install a PayPal shopping cart, to full blown ERP with POS and CRM development. Add self service Kiosks to your current systems or even HD TV internet showroom presentation systems. Complete customized Managed Microsoft .NET solutions starting as low as $250 per year including hosting and domain name registration. For a Free Hosting Consultation please fill out our Contact Form.

Auto Auction Software POS, CRM, Presentation

  • The CDE Auction Server platform for auto auctions is built with enterprise level software and hardware. Coded in MUMPS and Cache' our programming base is widely used by the Veterans Administration, Ameritrade and the European Space Agency. Our systems can run non stop for years with zero down time, requires no anti-virus or firewall, it runs in a totally isolated environment at your site. It fully integrates with your website giving your customers the data they need, when they need it, fast. If you are interested in a startup, the copyrights for these products are available at different levels, please Click Here.


We Specialize in

Programming Languages;

  • ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, XML, AJAX, HTML 5, PHP, Perl, Classic ASP, VB6, Basic, DOS Batch,

Database Providers;

  • MS SQL, Access, ADO, OleDb, MUMPS


  • Encryption, GDI+, Simulcasting, ERP, CRM, IRC, IMS, POS, SEO, Kiosks, IP Security, Java, Routing, Triple DES Encryption, IP Blocking Lists

Network Technologies;

  • LAN, WAN, DNS, CDN, Hosting, Routing, Email, Security, Simulcasting, Kiosks, H.264 and HTML5
    (We are a registered internet domain name registrar)
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