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CDE FinanceCalc Online
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CDE Finance Caculator
Finance Loan Calculator
CDE Software Systems Finance Calculator (FinanceCalc) Engine and can be embedded in websites, servers and Windows apps. This version is in an automobile loan finance calculator format to help you estimate your monthly loan payments and finance charges. Recalculate your automobile loan with different interest rates and finance terms using our simple finance calculator form. After the calculation is preformed, one click gives you a complete amortization schedule. To use for other loan types just leave the automotive relevant fields blank.
Quick Help
Loan Amount
Amount of the automobile purchase before taxes and fees.
Sales Tax Rate
If you are required to pay sales tax on your vehicle purchase enter the sales tax rate. Leave black or enter zero to not calculate sales tax. Tax is calculated against the vehicle minus the trade-in allowance. Some states do not allow a deduction for your trade in against the taxable amount causing your payments to be slightly higher. Check with your state to see if this applies.
Title, Transfer, Registration, Etc.
These are usually small fees for documentation, title and/or transfer fees.
Trade In Allowance
This is how much will be deducted from the purchase price for your vehicle trade in. This will also reduce the amount of tax charged as the taxable amount is based on sale price minus your trade in.
Down Payment
The amount you plan to put down on your vehicle purchase.
The term of the loan in months. 1 year is 12 months, 2 years is 24 months, 3 years is 36 months, etc.
Interest Rate
Also known as annual percentage rate or APR. You can contact your bank or the newspaper to get a rough idea of current interest rates or the link below to see some rates that may available to you. Different rates apply for a new auto compared to a used auto.
CDE FinanceCalc is a copyrighted program written around 1987 in DIGITAL Standrd MUMPS or DSM on a PDP Processor main frame server. The base calculations were then tested by our accountant and other calculators available at the time in 1989 and validated successfully. The program has since been rewritten in DataTree MUMPS or DTM, Visual Basic 6 or VB6, Visual Basic .NET or VB.NET, Classic Active Server Pages or ASP, and now fully implemented here with the most modern HTML5 ASP.NET scripts available. All versions are still currently available and you may contact us to discuss implementation with your inhouse applications. Our component can be fully integrated into your existing technology, contact us for a free consultation. The use of the FinanceCalc name, in a calculator program that can perform financing, violates the copyright. Some portions of the software are covered under the Apache license agreement.
CDE Software Systems Automobile Loan Finance Calculator is made available to you for free as a self help tool for your independent use and is not intended to provide financing advice. We can not and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.
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